Alfalfa & Hay

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Alfalfa Grade A
Santa Ynez Alfalfa A is a high fiber legume hay. It has the same long strand fiber found in grass hays, only alfalfa contains, more protein, energy and calcium. In general, alfalfa has 120% more energy than oat hay.

Alfalfa Grade B
Santa Ynez Alfalfa B offers all the qualities of Alfalfa A at a more affordable price.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is 10% protein. It is a good source of copper and zinc 

with a good balance of protein and energy. 

Forage Hay
Forage hay is a multi grain hay, a mixture of oat, wheat and barley. Excellent and palatable for all livestock, horses, sheep, cattle and goats.

Oat Hay
The energy and protein content of good oat hay makes it a suitable forage for mature horses at maintenance and early gestating mares. 

Orchard Hay
Orchard grass is a flat leaf, bladed perennial, cool season tall growing grass. Orchard is high in fiber and low in protein to help a healthy digestive tract. The leaves vary from green to blush green depending on maturity. 
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