Horse Shavings

Santa Ynez Shavings Company

Distributors of Premium Quality Animal Bedding

Premium Pine Animal Bedding is a shaved wood by-product that comes from wood molding plants where items such as crown molding, window frames and doors are manufactured. The medium size of this pine wood flake gives it recovery to fluff out and create a soft bedding that is very absorbent.

Show Pine has always been a very attractive wood because of its unique light color and aromatic smell.  This is why, for years, the horse industry has embraced it as the primary choice for stall bedding.  Show Pine Animal bedding is produced from virgin, high grade, pine logs. It is not a by-product so you know it is absolutely 100% natural. Try Santa Ynez Shavings Show Pine in your barn and see how well it works for you! 

Kiln Dried Douglas Fir shavings are almost like green fir shavings except they are Kiln dried. This process is the best way to dry lumber it slowly dries the wood and therefore save the integrity of the lumber. It is triple screened to take out dust it is the perfect bedding product for your animal and it has the wonderful scent of Douglas Fir.

Fine Pine is a beautiful pine product with the great color of pine. It consists of natural pine wood particles that have been screened to eliminate dust. It is super absorbent because of the particle size and also helps to eliminate odors.  The small size creates a less bulky product which cuts waste by one third it is one of the most economical horse bedding's in the industry today.

Santa Ynez Stall Pellets are made from 100% pine wood and is a Kiln Dried lumber by-product that comes from wood molding plants.  Since these pellets contain small wood particles from processing they become very absorbent when broken down and exposed to moisture.  Urine clumps and odor is reduced significantly, manure can be picked up without taking a large amount of material. Try pellets and see how easy it is to use while saving you time and money.
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